App Store, Submission to iTunes Connect via Xcode (network connection lost)

Okay so I came across a good one today, when trying to submit to iTunes connect (via Xcode) I encounter the following error:

Weird, as I had a stable network/internet connection and I could access iTunes Connect fine via the web portal - but either way my conclusion was that iTunes Connect was having some issues (so i’ll try again later).

Hour or so later and several more attempts, iTunes Connect was still complaining about network connection. So after a quick Google search I found that this has happened before (as a result of iTunes Connect being unavailable).
The only thing I found odd was that people only seemed to experience this via Application Loader and not through Xcode (my issue was with Xcode).

With that in mind - I thought I'd give Application Loader a try anyway. So I created my IPA and attempted to submit this to iTunes Connect.
To my surprise Application Loader seemed to have a lot more success contacting iTunes Connect (fine by me - I suppose) however it did come back showing 2 errors with my IPA that Xcode failed to pickup.

  1. Missing reference to Icon file resource (project has been upgraded to use assets sheets
  2. Minimum OS Version not supported.

Fair enough these were both legitimate issues, and once resolved I was able to upload straight away with no issues and my build was made available in iTunes connect within the usual 5 minutes or so.

Now I have to be honest, this is the first time I have used Application loader and I am not saying that the errors were the cause of the issue with Xcode but of you every get anything like this in the future - it could be worth while taking this approach for those who submit their apps via Xcode.