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An iOS (Swift & Objective-C) developer blog, sometimes playing with Android (Java & Kotlin) and occasionally rambles on about Server Side Swift

Implementing Swift APNS Server with Perfect

My second video tutorial for the Swift Server project. This time I’m sharing my example app which I created to get you up and running with a Swift APNS server on Perfect. Links from the video: GitHub:

Implementing Swift Backend Server using Perfect on Heroku

I’ve been interested in this project since it first hit the scene and recently decided to get to get the example app up and running on a Heroku instance. This is my first video tutorial (so go easy on me) but the aim is to give you the basics on getti...

Removing character accents in iOS / Objective-C

I was recently asked to capitalise some Greek strings in an app, only problem I had was the original string was lowercase and had accents. Apparently uppercase words in Greek (and possibly other languages) loose the accents…. :-/ Not being Greek or ha...

App Store, Submission to iTunes Connect via Xcode (network connection lost)

Okay so I came across a good one today, when trying to submit to iTunes connect (via Xcode) I encounter the following error: Weird, as I had a stable network/internet connection and I could access iTunes Connect fine via the web portal - but either ...