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An iOS (Swift & Objective-C) developer blog, sometimes playing with Android (Java & Kotlin) and occasionally rambles on about Server Side Swift

Validate JSON files in your Xcode project

XcodeValidateJson is a Ruby script that validates all JSON files within your Xcode project Installation & Usage Copy the XcodeValidateJson.rb script to the root of your Xcode projectCreate a New Run Script Phase and add the following file="XcodeValid...

CocoaPods 101: Creating your first CocoaPod & Private Repository

Introduction Doing a tech talk has been something I’ve wanted to do and get into for a while, and Greg Spiers who heads up NSManchester finally let me break my silence and do my first talk at December 2017’s meet up. I’d recently done an internal com...

CocoaPod - CBAudioPlayer

My first CocoaPod - had this little snippet laying around for a while now and thought it might be a nice little first contribution to the CocoaPod community. A simple wrapper for AVAudioPlayer that gives you a completion handler the fires when the au...

Implementing Swift APNS Server with Perfect

My second video tutorial for the Swift Server project. This time I’m sharing my example app which I created to get you up and running with a Swift APNS server on Perfect. Links from the video: GitHub: